Bindle image courtesy of Blade Wynne
Copyright © 2020 Michael Bizon

This is an analog midi controller I made to control software built in MAX/MSP.
It uses a MidiTron, a MIDI A/D Interface connected to via MIDI to an M-audio Uno, a USB/MIDI interface. This translates the analog messages to MIDI, readable by MAX/MSP.
This can be used to control any sort of MIDI device/program/message.
I use it most to control a 8 step drum machine (below).
In MAX/MSP, I currently use a built glitch-patch.
1and0 messages are crossed, resulting in audio with digital feedback and unreliable glitchiness.

The controls on the instrument include 20 assignable potentiometers (knobs), 5 assignable photocells (at varying resistance), and a patch-bay which allows the user to decide which knobs or photocells are linked to which pin-outs on the MidiTron
(you can basically choose which knob (or light sensor) controls what function in your software, allowing you to change control over software parameters physically, without going into code).

Computers and programing can get a brother down, this was a physical answer to digital pain.